Feasting On Dark Intentions




We are excited to announce that we will be releasing a CD version of the debut offering from Portland-based destroyers Hands of Thieves.
After a handful of shows with the likes of Pallbearer, Bell Witch, Dragged Into Sunlight, Primitive Man and Uada, the group released its first EP digitally in August 2016, followed by a tape version in September 2016 (Transylvanian Tapes) and a vinyl treatment in February 2017 (Baneful Genesis Records). Titled "Feasting On Dark Intentions", the record channels black, death and doom metal into a twisted and original whole, full of incredible riffs carved with nefarious precision. One of CVLT NATION's top five death/doom releases of 2016.

"Hands of Thieves' Feasting on Dark Intentions is a monster of a debut, thrashing about within the confines of each of its four songs. Whether it's the noisy, shifting lurch of opener "Wrath Weaver," the strangely catchy war-march vibes of "Sun Worker," or the glorious resonance that leads into "Conduit of Grief," Hands of Thieves rarely keeps things predictable or straightforward, displaying consistency in energy and force alone." (NOISEY)

"This year, I got turned on to what is now one of my favorite new bands, and they go by the name Hands of Thieves. This PDX horde of sonic torment defies genres while at the same time creating songs that are honest in their grief. I know for a fact that this is only the beginning for these humans, because what you are about to hear will have you addicted to their sound just like I am." (CVLT NATION)

"Chunky riffage and a grittiness are big part of their sound. Vocals are mix of gurgling screeches and deep growls. The atmosphere is dark and primitive sounding, and there is a huge low end to their riffage. At times elements of Black Metal creep in as well. With only four songs they do so much and show a ton of promise." (METAL BANDCAMP)


releases June 9, 2017

Recorded at Haywire Studios
Engineer: Fester
Mastered by Ryan Foster
Artwork by Jason Graham



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